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 Diana Drabick Owner/Operator


Brewhaven is a professional ferment-on-premises service that has been proudly serving our customers since 1993. Diana and the Brewhaven staff strive to provide excellent customer service and premium quality products. Our range of products include wine, beer, coolers, ciders, fruit wine as well as a wide variety of products for the home brewer or vintner.

Your quality products are made in our clean, modern facility. Our technology and expertise ensure that you receive superior quality with every visit. Brewhaven’s processing rooms are individually climate controlled to provide optimum conditions for your fermenting wine or beer. Our water is filtered and treated. Our carefully controlled processes, combined with quality ingredients ensures an excellent product that you will be proud to serve.

Our store was designed with the customer in mind. We offer convenient parking just in front of the store and mobile carts to easily move your bottles in and out of the store. There are separate areas to sanitize your bottles, package your beer or wine, add labels and shrink tops to give your wine bottles a professional look.

Our facility is licensed by the Federal Customs and Excise Department and also by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Starting your wine takes less than 5 minutes – you just add the yeast to begin the fermentation process which takes between 4 and 8 weeks. Your patience will be rewarded when you return to bottle your finished wine. Choose from many award winning styles with varietal juices and authentic grape skins from around the world. We also carry a wide range of fruit wines, ciders and wine coolers to suit any taste.

Our stainless steel brewing kettles, processes and recipes are designed to produce the best quality beers. We use only the highest quality malt extracts, domestic and imported brewer’s grains, imported hops and specialty yeasts. We can help you make beer styles from around the world.

Brewing your beer takes about two hours or we are licensed to prepare it for you. You just add the yeast – it’s that easy! Your beer will be ready for you to bottle in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the recipe you choose. You can package your beer in cans, plastic or glass bottles.

Our recipes can be modified to your taste… “Your Beer – Your Way”.

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