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Posted: November, 2013

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Mosti Mondiale’s 16L Renaissance is a premium blend of both fresh grape must and concentrate. Home winemakers are provided with a vaste selection of wines that have been sourced from specific regions of North America, South America, and Europe. Explore the rebirth of home winemaking as Renaissance takes winemakers on an unforgettable journey that visits both Old World and New World wines.

Mosti Mondiale’s 10L Vinifera Noble presents a perfect blend between both fresh grape must and concentrate at a price point that makes all home winemakers excited! Vinifera Noble will yield wines that can be consumed young. Choose from over 25 varieties that provide you with an unparalleled body, bouquet, and color.

Ciders, Fruit Wines, & Coolers!

Craft a refreshing alternative!
Make your Fruit Wine sparkling (additional fee)!
All coolers and ciders can be made sugar free!

Weddings & Special Occasions

We include 30 free personalized peel and stick labels with each wedding wine!

Whether you've invited 20 or 200 guests,
the questions are the same:

Which wines? How much of each? What does it cost?

Come in for a free consultation or e-mail for more information.

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